Meadows in the mountains

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Meadows in the mountains is a world away from large line-ups and huge crowds. High in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, this festival is a dream in which sustainability, community feeling and a magical scenery form a calm mix. It takes place 850 meters above sea level in the Rhodope Mountains. Promoting social harmony and self expression, Meadows In The Mountains is a place where all are welcome to participate in a cosmic adventure.

It's not merely a festival, but rather a transformative gathering that encourages individuals to connect with their inner selves and others in meaningful ways. This holistic approach has given the festival a unique identity, attracting a diverse and open-minded crowd.

Unlike other music festivals that primarily focus on star-studded line-ups, Meadows in the Mountains is centered on fostering a strong sense of community among its attendees. The organizers emphasize collaboration, shared experiences, and mutual respect. This creates an environment that is both welcoming and inclusive.

The festival's commitment to sustainability is equally impressive. Conscious efforts are made to minimize the environmental impact of the event, promoting eco-friendly practices among attendees. The aim is not only to preserve the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains for future generations, but also to instill a sense of environmental responsibility among festival-goers.

Lastly Meadows also offers a range of other activities that allow participants to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and local culture of the area. These include wellness sessions, art installations, workshops and even local food tasting.

In summary, Meadows in the Mountains offers more than just a festival experience. It invites you on a cosmic adventure of self-discovery and community-building, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Rhodope Mountains. It's a place where nature, music, and human connection converge to create an unforgettable experience. Click here to find out more about this magical event.

This article was last updated on August 04, 2023.