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Horse riding in Andalucía

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If you love horses than horse riding in Andalucía must be added to your bucket list. With an ideal climate Andalucía allowes horse riding throughout the year,.The many natural parks in Andalusia offer a spectacular landscape.
Andalucía has a very long riding tradition and is best known for the Andalusian horses. Horses are an important part of Andalusian culture which you can see in the many traditional festivals. For example the "Feria del Caballo" which happens in May and is dedicated to the horse.

In Andalusia you can find everything: wilderness, mountains, coastal areas.. Because of the many old (donkey) paths there are many routes to take through the Andalusian landscape. But also on the coast, for example in Tarifa, where with a clear sky you can even see Morocco. It is a magical place to ride horses. 

As the summer gets very hot in Andalusia it is wise to ride in the morning or in the evening, or in coastal areas, where there is often a nice breeze. Treks can be booked for one day, but the area is so big and there is so much to see, that it is often recommended to book one or more nights. Often there are tours for a whole week. 

When to visit

Andalusia is a year round destination. However we recommend visiting Andalusia from May til November. Keep in mind that in July and August it can get extremely hot. Click here for the average weather in Tarifa, Spain.

Where to stay

We recommend Hotel Hurricane in Tarifa. This hotel has its own stables, and horses can be hired to explore the surrounding area. The atmosphere was good, the garden was very nice with the many different plants and the breakfast was very amazing.The location by the sea is also great with sunset. On this hotel gets an average rating of 9.0 and you can book it here.

This article was last updated on November 11, 2019.