Saint Moritz weather in May (Switzerland)

People don't tend to visit Saint Moritz in May since it is known as a chilly month. The average maximum daytime temperature in Saint Moritz in May lies at 5.6°C (42.08°F). The average minimum temperature goes down to around 0.0°C (32°F) (often the minimum temperature is noted at night).

Rainfall during May is high with an average of 166mm (6.5 inchec). There are generally around 18 rainy days. The sun will show itself now and again, with 166 hours of sunshine during the entire month.


Saint Moritz, monthly averages in May

Show in Celsius
Min Temperature 32 °F  
Max Temperature 42 °F  
Chance of Rain 62%  
Precipitation 7 in  
Rainy days 19 days  
Humidity 70% *  
Sunshine 166 hrs *  
Percentage Sunshine 48% *  

Where to go in Switzerland in May

Find out more about the weather in Switzerland in May and which places have the best weather conditions in this month.

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Legend perfect weather pleasant tolerable unpleasant poor
Perfect weather is subjective. On this map perfect weather has been defined with temperatures between 20-29ºC / 68-84ºF and not too much precipitation (less than 90mm / 3.5inches a month).

So what to wear in May? Visitors traveling to Saint Moritz should plan on bringing a totally waterproof coat since it will often be raining. You can also expect some days or nights with snow. So bring gloves or mittens and wear a warm hat.

What To Do

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Outdoor sports

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